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Rudy Giuliani Talks Trump in Dallas Visit

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been hard at work on the campaign trail for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Giuliani was in Dallas for an event Thursday and talked exclusively with NBC 5.

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We asked him about recent polls that show Texas closer than many would have expected.

“We are certainly going to win Texas. We are probably going to win by five, six, seven, eight (percent), and when you consider electoral votes it doesn’t matter, right?” Giuliani said.

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Giuliani said Trump will give a major policy address soon, and will be talking policy during the final days of the campaign. He said Trump will contrast what he can do for the country, with what Hillary Clinton can do for America.

Giuliani said distractions have kept Trump from speaking much about policy in the past. Asked whether he thinks some of the distractions have been brought upon Trump himself, Giuliani said, “Some yes, and some have been exaggerated tremendously by the media.”

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Trump currently trails Clinton nationally by about five points in an average of recent polls, according to Real Clear Politics. As the election gets into the final days, there are still questions as to whether Trump will accept the results. He has said he will decide at the time.

“He will accept the results of the election if they are clear. Like Al Gore, if they are not, he is not a stupid man. If it is a clear, decisive victory, either one of them should accept it. If it is close, either one of them is going to contest it,” Giuliani said.

Clinton has not said she would contest the results.

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